Personal Training

More results using less weight…

Our proprietary Slow Method™ provides maximum stimulation of targeted muscles, and this is achieved by lifting the weight slowly and steadily through the entire range of motion. This slow motion is safer than fast repetitions and it delivers a quick, time efficient, sweat free workout, totaling no more than 30 minutes, including time for stretching.

This weight program delivers the full benefits of a cardiovascular workout as there is no break between machines, which can only be accomplished in a crowd-free environment such as that provided by Winter Park Athletic Club.

Over a 20 minute period, the trainer takes the client through a routine that focuses on the target muscle group, stimulating the muscle group for the entire set to gain maximum benefit. The machines used have many more adjustments than those in a regular gym, allowing us to customize any machine to any limitation you may have.

The final 10 minutes is dedicated to stretching the muscles, conditioning them for rest and recovery, a walk with your coach and answering any questions that you may have.

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